Mika Braginsky

Pronouns: they/them


I'm a graduate student at the Department of Brain and Cognitive Sciences at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, working with Roger Levy, Ted Gibson, and Josh Tenenbaum.

Before that I was a research assistant at the Stanford Language and Cognition Lab, working with Mike Frank.

Research Projects


Open repository of vocabulary development data at scale

Website Paper Code


R package for accessing data from the Wordbank database

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Tool for power analysis in language acquisition research

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Grammar & Lexicon

Effect of age on acquisition of the lexicon and grammar

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Vocab Composition

Developmental trajectories in composition of vocabulary

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AoA Prediction

Prediction of words' age of acquisition from lexical factors

AoA Analyses Code

Gender Differences in Vocabulary Size

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Polysemous Word Pairs Acquisition

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langcog: LangCog Lab R Package


Non-Research Projects

Tools and Visuals
Multi-lingual translation Gender of names Parabolic art Loan repayment calculator
MIT Mystery Hunt 2015 Live-action role-playing games SAT Analogy Solver
For kids
Cross-lingual children's book Kid stats problems Kid logic puzzles